Litigation Lawyers

Why Is There A Need For Litigation Lawyers?


Litigation is a term for two opposing parties, by which they both defend a legal right. This can be commonly solved by agreement between the parties or by the decision made by the jury in court. Litigation is not a lawsuit as most people believed. It includes numerous of activities after, during and before a lawsuit to compel a legal right. Part of the litigation process are arbitrations, appeals, pre-suit negotiations, facilitations and actual lawsuit.

Litigation is effectively exercise by a litigation lawyer. The litigation lawyer functions to represent and protect the client’s interests when it comes to disputes in cases such as commercial, criminal or civil matter. These three cases differ in many ways but for sure they can be best handled by a litigation lawyers. They serve as our guide for navigating through all the latin expression and tangled jargon we can find in legal matters. They always make sure that their client can have the wide and proper understanding towards those words and terms. This is one of the reasons why their service is so vital and necessary in handling a legal dispute.

Litigation lawyers can provide the best assistance with legal documents so as with the basic timeframe when are those to be completed. Such documents are affidavits, discovery, interrogatories, complaints and further and better particulars. These documents are highly important and should be given attention as these are the basis in filing a dispute. The information should also be right in filing those documents and that there should be no errors to avoid hassle and stress while filing such a case.

Who Do They Represent

Litigation lawyers represent their client in court. They also help you prepare for self-representation or arrange a barrister to represent you in court depending on your needs, preferences and to whatever circumstance you are into. They have the responsibility for initial case investigation to determine if there are enough evidences to file a lawsuit or to check if what evidence exists to defend a possible suit. The investigation process is not that easy. It comes with a process of locating the witness, taking its statements, interviewing the client, investigating the facts and of course to gather documents. They often engage in pre-litigation settlement too in order to discuss some matters to resolve the problem before filing a lawsuit.

What do Litigators Do?

Litigation lawyers are highly needed in drafting a variety of pleadings and motions to dismiss a case, make amendments, motion to strike, and motions for legal opinion on the pleadings. They draft and argue discovery-related motions that include protective orders and motions to compel. They also examine physical evidences and all the information gathered during the e-discovery. This process basically help litigators identify issues and formulate a strategy which is very useful for trials and court proceedings. They are the ones to present the case and select a jury in the trial stage. They do all necessary and just actions for the benefit of their client to win a particular case. They have great responsibilities and duties in every trials and cases they handle. That is why their service is highly needed.