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Run experiments, generate insights, and continuously optimize experiences across the board. And if at first you don’t succeed then learn, learn, and learn again. You're just one experiment away from greatness...

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Test, learn and succeed - faster than ever before

Run experiments, gather insights and continuously optimize experiences — across all applications.

Web Experimentation

Uncover customer insights and create high-performing experiences in the blink of an eye

Empower your team to conceptualize ideas, make changes to your website, and collaborate with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG visual editor without using developer time to get things up to speed with Web Experimentation

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Feature Experimentation

Accelerate the entire product lifecycle with higher quality releases, safer tests and faster feature validations

Feature Experimentation enables engineers to merge and deploy code according to their own guidelines, without having to actually release features until stakeholders are ready – then flip the switch!

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Advanced Personalization

Tailor digital experiences to a specific user or group with validated assumptions delivered in real-time and at scale

Measure the impact of personalization efforts, target and optimize experiences to audiences built from your own data, and use website behavior to include visitors in your experience.

Data Platform

Reference audiences from your CDP out of the box

Data Platform allows the creation of real-time segments (RTS) to easily build segments based on customer attributes and observations. Maximize your success by using fresh data, which only we have. Most of our competitors refresh their data only once a day, whereas our RTS refreshes data every 90 seconds! 

Low/no-code experiments

Design, implement and analyze high-performance experiences based on powerful customer insights and make changes to your website without requiring a developer with easy-to-use WYSIWYG visual editor. 

Advanced targeting

Centralize customers’ audiences in one place and target them with Feature Experimentation, Web Experimentation and other third-party tools to tailor experiences depending on segments/profiles.

Omnichannel experimentation

Unify customer experiences, and target experiments and optimizations across all apps.

Feature flagging & rollouts

Merge and deploy code at any time without having to actually release features or changes, resulting in faster releases with less risk.

Optimized experimentation at scale

Enable product teams to run experiments, multi-armed bandit campaigns and roll out personalized experiences without going through a development workflow every time.

Experiment lifecycle management

Use test plans to capture all the information you need to develop an idea into an experiment. Test roadmaps to get a holistic view of running and planned experiments on either a list view, timeline view or board view.

Top 5 reasons why customers love Optimizely

  1. Provide personalization with confidence

    Experiment across your tech stack, test performance and roll out features to select audiences before rolling them out to all customers.

  2. Build a culture of experimentation

    Build a fail-fast mentality that recognizes that while finding statistically significant differences between your variations may be ideal, not finding them still represents valuable insights. When you experiment, you either win or you learn. Test hypotheses that previously were untestable for your company. Empower your teams to experiment not just because they need to, but because it’s the fastest way to iterate.

  3. Stay in control and act fast

    Our Experiment solution was designed with performance in mind at every step. Minimize friction and performance impact to make sound technical decisions, faster.

  4. Arm your team with experimentation made simple

    You need an experimentation platform that is marketer-friendly and won’t require developer resources. Make changes to your website, create, test, and roll out personalized feature delivery, experiments and multi-armed bandits without requiring a developer.

  5. Efficient collaboration requires shared vision, goals, and tools

    Scale experimentation across your organization and increase program velocity through improved collaboration and knowledge sharing through Optimizely Experiment Collaboration.

The experts agree. Optimizely named a Leader in Digital Experience Platforms by Gartner.

Optimizely has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) for the third consecutive year.

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